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Prison-to-College Pipeline Program
University of Mississippi


Comments from students who have taken PTCPP courses at Parchman:

  • “[This course] . . . exceeded my expectation. . . .The great professors . . . not only showed a passion to teach but also to learn about us and from us as they taught us some valuable lessons and teaching (thanks so much).”
  • “I learned more in these 10 weeks . . . than I did [in] my high school and college years. [This course can be improved] by having it every summer . . . so that the men that’s incarcerated can learn and instructors can learn as well.”
  • “I must say that [this course] exceeded my expectations in so many ways . . . the overall outcome was tremendous[ly] exceptional. This course was a great confidence booster heading back into society. It’s never too late to get an education and no limit to the things you can accomplish.”
  • “We as inmates have over a ten-week course become brothers. We have moved to [becoming] students working together and helping each other’s understanding of English and African American Studies. We can now be teachers to others from what we have learned and [we are] becoming capable of being scholars!”
  • “[This course] exceeded my expectations because I gained enormous skills that were hidden deep within me . . . from learning to close read . . . to challeng[ing] myself at . . . staying focus[ed].”
  • “Through this course, I’ve reconnected with my first love—writing. My professors, Dr. Alexander and Dr. Fisher-Wirth, painstakingly guided me in every area I had difficulty with, every single week. It was an act of love for them, and it showed.”
  • “I’d like to give special thanks to Dr. Fisher-Wirth, Dr. Alexander, Ole Miss, and all parties that contributed to the inception of this [PTCPP] class. Your time and dedication to the service of men [who] many [people] feel [aren’t] deserv[ing] of this level of education shows there are genuinely good people still in this world. The lessons I’ve learned are invaluable. When the day comes for me to earn the title of ‘poet’ and I become a published author, I will be certain to put the names of Dr. Fisher-Wirth and Dr. Alexander at the top of my acknowledgment page.”
  • “I took the first [PTCPP] course with Dr. Alexander and Dr. Pickett, which was an awesome experience, and this [course with Dr. Alexander and Dr. Fisher-Wirth] was awesome as well. I love reading [and] writing and the professors make it challenging and fun. The professors actually care about teaching us.”